Amusement Vehicles

London bus, fire fighter truck, police car, ambulance and kid traffic training vehicle are produced as five different models for kids. Have fun!

Amusement vehicles, London bus, fire fighter truck, police car, ambulance and kid traffic training vehicle are produced as five different models. Cleanvac  electric amusement buses and more you may contact to us.

Cleanvac electric  fun cars are designed to have good time for kids in shopping centers, holiday villages, sea  shores  closed  for  traffic. They are economical, remarkable vehicles with environmental and reliable construction you will be  able  to use  for  long years.

Vehicle body by fiber glass polyester, chassis by 80 NPI solid coated corrosion-resistant steel construction are produced. Cleanvac electric fun vehicles have LED light animation,  powerful speakers,mp3 player, and security cameras to observe upper deck. Mini kid vehicles are designed for kids to play safely.