Armchair And Sofa Washing Machine

Cleanvac armchair washing machine can also be used industrial electric vacuum cleaner in addition to armchair and carpet washing purposes.

Cleanvac EWD series can also be used cleaning in customers place ,auto detail cleaning  or  cleaning in your company for  the  purpose  of  carpet and  armchair washing.

Armchair And Sofa Washing Machine

Armchair and Sofa washing machine is one of the first demanded product where ever there is life. It is difficult to clean by hand the washable surfaces of carpet, armchair and bed.

For this reason, it is important to use professional armchair washing machine to be able to clean in depth.

Cleanvac armchair and sofa washing machines can also be used as industrial vacuum cleaner in addition to  armchair and carpet washing. Cleanvac EWD  series can also be used cleaning in customers place, auto detail cleaning  or  cleaning in your company for the purpose of carpet and armchair washing. Cleaning Chemicals is mixed in clean water tank and sprayed on to the surface to be cleaned. Same time it is vacuumed and there will be no more wetness on surface. Cleanvac EWD series arm chair washing machine have three types of sizes and power rates.

Cleanvac Armchair And Sofa Washing Machine Models

Cleanvac EWD 803 Carat Series

Cleanvac EWD 803 Series model armchair and  carpet  washing machine has  new  carat  series with special  design and  3  motors of 4200  watt high vacuum powered. EWD 803 has  high-powered vacuum and same time with professional water spray motor is an  expert for  in depth  washing.

Cleanvac EWD 753

Cleanvac EWD 753 model carpet and armchair washing machines are presented all over the world for a long time. EWD 753 has gained customer satisfaction from different sectors such as auto detail cleaners, hotels, cleaning companies, hospitals. This industrial cleaning machine has  3 motors with 3600  watt power and each motor has  1200 watt vacuum power.

Cleanvac EWD 602

Cleanvac EWD 602 model carpet washing machine has 2 vacuum motors and perform successfully.

Total vacuum power is  2400  watt.  EWD 602  can be used easily armchair washing, carpet washing and bed washing and vacuuming.

Cleanvac EWD 501

Cleanvac EWD 501 model is a washing type vacuum product which has 1200 watt single motor vacuum motor and portable. It is easy to carry with 50  liters of tank capacity and compact style. EWD 501 is suitable to use  for small companies and individuals.