Automatic Carpet Dust Remover Machine

Cleanvac HTM Automatic Carpet Dusting Machines have different length option between 210 cm and 420 cm. You may reach us to have information about prices of dusting machine.

Automatic carpet dust remover machine is the first step of carpet washing system. There is dust around 50 gr and 100 gr on a carpet to be cleaned. The dust goes to deep bottom of carpet. Carpet washing cost and time will increase for this reason. In fact, dust will remain at the bottom of carpet after washing. It is possible to solve this matter by dusting machine. Cleanvac HTM Carpet Dusting machines will prepare the carpets in short time by flapping automatically.

For this reason, carpet dusting machines will be also known as carpet beating machine, carpet flapping machine, carpet dust removing machines. Cleanvac dusting machines are easy to use and practical.

Cleanvac HTM automatic carpet dusting machine has length option between 210 mm and 420 mm. Dusting machines can be produced according to customers special demands and dimensions. It is easy to maintain and use. Additionally, there is Manual dusting machines (Cleanvac MD  series) for new beginners of manual carpet washing business.

  • HTM 210 Dusting Machines: 210 cm long width carpet beating machines
  • HTM 260 Dusting Machines: 260 cm long width carpet  beating machines
  • HTM 320 Dusting Machines: 320 cm long  width carpet  beating machines
  • HTM 420 Dusting Machines: 420 cm long  width carpet  beating machines

You may kindly reach us to obtain price information about carpet dusting machines.

What are the advantages of Cleanvac Automatic Carpet Dusting Machine?

1-Carpet will be washed faster and cleaner.

2-It can be dusted  300 m2  and  500 m2 carpet by one person.

3-It is easy to use and maintain.

4-Energy saver. It consumes 3-4 KW electrical energy in an hour.

5-It gives you competitive edge to other companies. It provides positive difference to others.

6-It works by carpet flapping system and eliminate dust in short time.