Automatic Carpet Washing Machine BRS-B

Cleanvac BRS-B series are produced as sizes 260 cm,320 cm and 420 cm.  bandwidth. It is preferred by new business entrepreneurs since it is economical.

Automatic Carpet Washing Machine BRS-B

Automatic Carpet Washing Machine BRS-B is taking place in new generation and developing technological products is very user friendly and functional cleaning instrument. Automatic carpet washing machine utilization is increasing day by day in developed countries around the World as well in our country.

It gained advantages at good level owing to automatic carpet washing machines which is energy saver and very silent and having good performance service. Washing will take days to finish now can be introduced much faster, time saving and much hygienic cleaning quality. Owing to Cleanvac automatic table type carpet washing machines which use the latest developed technology product and equipment, wide size and hard fabric carpets can be washed much cleaner and much faster by consuming less energy and manpower.


Table type carpet washing machine. Cleanvac BRS-B series are produced as sizes 260 cm,320 cm and 420 cm. bandwidth. Basic model automatic carpet washing machines are preferred by new business entrepreneurs since it  is  economical. It is  a table type carpet washing machine which is preferred by new beginners and middle level washing premises.

If you have high level business or planning to establish high volume shop, you may look into Cleanvac BRS-C and BRS-F series.


Automatic Carpet Washing Machine BRS-B Models

*Cleanvac BRS 260 B- has  260  cm bandwidth and  4  disc  brushes

*Cleanvac BRS 320 B- has  320  cm bandwidth and  4  disc  brushes

*Cleanvac BRS 420 B- has  420  cm bandwidth and  5  disc  brushes

What Are the Advantages of Table Type Carpet  Washing Machine?

Cleanvac is producing industrial cleaning machines and electrical equipments which market needs, owing to user friendly, saving focused, the latest technology cleaning instruments, which many industrial works and cleaning jobs spend a lot of cost and days of work effort, now are provided much faster and low cost and high quality operations. Cleanvac table type carpet cleaning machine provides high saving and operation convenience advantages with respect to other washing machine and cleaning equipment. Today even single scale carpet washing machine operations have a few advantages such as many washing, cleaning, energy-saving, time saving, Automatic carpet cleaning machine which has aesthetic, elegant, fast operation capability from the utilization point of view may give much more output with much less work effort.