Carpet Lifting Machine

Cleanvac LFT 500 carpet transport lift is used to lift carpets easily from ground and transport.

You may carry the lifted carpets to load to carpet cart or to your machine directly.

Carpet Lifting Machine

Carpet lifting machine Cleanvac LFT 500  carpet transport lift :is a  lift machine to  transport carpets which gets  heavy and soaked. Especially the  companies which wash the  carpet on ground have to  lift  carpet rolled   by  body power. This  case  is  unfavorable from the point  of  work safety and health and  may  cause  the  companies   to  find  workers very  difficult  time  by  time. You  may  lift  and transport washed  carpets easily by   Cleanvac LFT 500 electrical  transparent. You may carry the lifted carpets to load to  carpet  cart or   to your machine  directly.

Technical  Specifications:

1. Traction battery

2. Lift  Battery

3.24 volt  100  amperage

4. High maneuverability for narrow  spaces

5. Possibility to transport carpets 4 m long or more.

6. 500 kg load capacity