Carpet Packing Machine

Cleanvac carpet packing machine  eleminates hairs ,feathers on carpet  that  may   cause to drop   your cleaning quality and put you in diffucult situation at  carpet submision by  combing kindly the  carpet on bant which its  driving speed and  vacuum aparats  can be  adjusted . It  provides that your  carpets to appear  fluffy.

Carpet Packing Machine

What is fuzz ? What Does Fuzz Hair Remover and Packing Machine Serve?

First  we have  to  search answer of  this  question. Is it possible to work without carpet packing machine?

Fuzz  is  a  name  for  carpet  yarn standing up vertical. Fuzz hair  remover  and  packaging operation is  final point of your  work to  show to your  customer. You may think a painter to display his finished  paints at exhibition area  first time. You arrived the final quality control point before dispatching the  carpets which you washed and spent detergent, water, time and  the  most  importantly workmanship and  laid and  dried. So That is carpet fuzz hair remover and packaging machine. Cleanvac carpet packaging machine with  brush apparatus  connected with  vacuum by  combing kindly carpets  on band which its  speed  can be  adjusted, eliminates  hair, feather on carpet that may  cause  your  quality drop  or put you in difficult position at  submission. It shows your  carpet more   fluffy. The carpet passing  through combing will  eliminate  completely  hair, dust  by  help of under hair  picking brush. You  can check final spot  control  on carpet washed and perfuming and  completing of  packing  of them. Carpet packing is rapidly completed by Cleanvac carpet packing machine. After  completing these  operations you meet  customer with proud by  cleaning quality during delivery and can  show the  perfect work. You  should  live self confidence which your machine park append  and  let   your  customer live this quality.

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Carpet  packing machine have 210,260,320,420 cm different sizes. Product  codes  are given below according to sizes.

*HM 210: 210  cm width automatic model

*HM 260: 260  cm width automatic model

*HM 320: 320  cm width automatic model

*HM  420: 420  cm width automatic model