Carpet Wringing Machine

Carpet wringing machine is a system to spin carpets with high speed and wringing and drying in a  short time. It is a must for a  carpet washing factory.

Carpet Wringing Machine

Carpet wringing machine is  a  system to  spin  carpets with high speed and wringing and drying in a  short time. It is a must for a carpet washing factory.

Carpet wringing Machine is a system to spin carpets with high speed and wringing and drying in a  short time. It is a must for a carpet washing factory. If a  washed  carpet  is hanged on rope directly and  let to dry, it will take  long time and  cause the works halt. A good  quality  carpet  wringing machine can finish it  in three  minutes  average.Cleanvac wringing machine  can also   rinse carpet  besides wringing.

Cleanvac carpet  wringing machine ;are  separated by three  models  wheels, shock absorber  and  bellows. Wheeler models  have  short high so it is preferred  by floor  washing  companies. Shock absorber and bellows models  is   higher so it is  preferred by  companies using  table  style automatic  carpet  washing  companies.Cleanvac carpet wringing machines have  different size  and speed selections. Internal drum length is  between 120 cm and  420 cm. and having 1200,1400,1600  rpm speed  selections. You may  consult us  about  size  and  speed  selections. In addition, we may produce special  sizes according to your  demand.

Transmission (Gear Box) System

When Carpet drying machine is started, motor is   forced at  first  start up and so consumes high level  of amperage. When drum has  speed, amperage  level  will  drop  to  normal level. This case looks  like to  first  move  of  a car  at  third gear. If you  have carpet drying machine  without transmission, measure amperage while  machine  is  running. You  will notice that Watt amperage values of  fuse  box and test results  will  not  coincide. Transmission system is  optional, and we  recommend that you prefer wringing machines  with transmission.



Brake system

When wringing machine is running, internal drum will continue for some time to spin after pushing stop button. You should wait for the drum to stop to take the carpet out of machine. If you have no time to spare because of high volume of work, brake  system will be correct choice.

Brake system will save you time and provides you cleaning of more square meters of carpets. Brake system will be installed optional per your demand.

You may contact to us about carpet wringing machine prices.

  • It works silently and smooth.
  • No color mixing, no folding trace, no dirty water leaking to fringes.
  • It will provide wringing  with no folding, no rupture and it has capability of wringing of carpet rolled.
  • It  has  capacity of 95% out of  water  after wringing.
  • Inner cover has poly amide gear with castermid covered.
  • There is timer relay.
  • It has rinsing function.
  • It has  advantages to add more  functions.

What are the issues to be considered?

There are some important points to consider during carpet wringing machine selection. These are internal drum material thickness, drum material, gear made from poly amide, construction weight, the most important is motor. While searching prices for carpet wringing machines, these specifications should be checked carefully. The common mistake by new beginner entrepreneur is to search carpet machines by only price basis. For This reason carpet wringing machine manufacturers which has  two turning machines with no CNC  machine will  target these  customers. We should not forget that Carpet wringing machine prices are directly proportional to material used and production quality. Cleanvac wringing machines are produced by experienced and specialist engineers and are used more than 70  countries for a long time.