Electric Shuttle

Cleanvac shuttle can be  produced at requested dimensions and specifications.

There is  gas  and  electric passenger transport cart  options.

Electric Shuttle

Electric shuttle can be  produced at requested dimensions and specifications.

There is gas and electric passenger transport cart options.

Cleanvac electric shuttle are produced by expert team branched in automobile and electric vehicle area.

The  carts produced by new  generation technology will not harm nature by  having electrical traction motor. The number of firms stands Environmentalist increase day by day. By proportional to that

Cleanvac electric buses replace the internal combustion engine type passenger transport vehicles. “Why electric buses are better?” A short answer to that question; they are more   economical in long term, nature friendly  and electric prices are cheaper in general than gas prices and stable.

elektrikli otobus

Electric shuttles are  densely required and  highly interested, by airports, universities, hotels, big factories, corporate housings. This  type electric transport vehicles especially are used  to transport passengers  in terminals in airport or to provide service for students in universities between campuses. Electric passenger transport vehicles can climb on a certain level of slope for this reason gas shuttle bus should be  prepared for rapid slope roads. Electric shuttle service vehicles are used in short distance and at low speed.

Cleanvac shuttle buses are suitable to use for four seasons by means of opening and closing body.

Generally they are produced 12,14 and 16 passengers transport capacity. But they are also produced depending on Project smaller or bigger capacity. Besides standard attributes we may realize as your solution partner by attributes demanded by your special specifications.


Brief  History of Electrical Vehicles.

Electrical vehicles are around since 19.  Century. In early 19th century, Hungary, Holland, United States inventors has started to invent the idea of the vehicles operated with battery. It has already  provided some progress the  vehicle run on electric previously.  Since  People desired to go  fast and easily, horse coach and internal combustion engine vehicle slowed down the progress of electric vehicle.

In 1835,American Thomas Davenport has started to build the first small locomotive practical electric vehicle. He developed an electric motor runs on  batteries a  small model car  in a  short track. First  successful electric automobile has  been made in the United States  in 1890. William Morrison from  Iowa Des Moines  produced six passenger capacity and  6-12  mile -hour speed electric  vehicle. This  first invention has  helped to increase the interest towards  electric vehicles, Automobile producers has  started  to  create their  own version worldwide. This  outstanding sudden interest, electric vehicles has  hit  huge popularity and  made the  most  numbered vehicles on road till  1900. On that time electrical cars was  preferred vehicles. But same time the  development made on gas vehicle caused the electric automobile dropped acceleration. Gas vehicles are hit more popular than electric  vehicle by time passing.

In 1935, electrical cars  almost vanished from market. In 1970 electric  cars  returned. Gas cars have  continued to be popular because  of more performance  and  reliability. But electric vehicles  are  begun to  be  used on market.

In 1990 electrical vehicles became more popular since peoples worry about the environment increased. Early 21. Century, electrical cars’ technology has much more developed. Nature friendly vehicles are quite popular since peoples has become more conscious. Thus, this century electrical vehicle demands are increasing each day.