Golf Carts

Cleanvac golf cart is produced specially. They can be produced electrical or fuel golf carts when requested.

Golf Carts

Golf Carts vehicles are produced by experienced specialist. Production cycle use the today’s technology at the most efficient way. The most important attributes of Cleanvac electrical vehicles are maximum level environmentalist. The necessary motor power is used The vehicle produced specially for project so the  most economical and efficient model are produced.

golf araci cleanvac

These electric vehicles can be used safely in every closed area for traffic.

Cleanvac golf cart can be  produced by electrical and fuel type per request. You can have your car with case or open model. In addition, it is  offered special project design besides standard specification.

The golf carts with case are use to carry load and the without case are used to carry passenger. Cleanvac brand golf carts are produced for two people up to twelve people. The shuttles are produced in general for more passenger capacity vehicles. But It can be produce according to needs.


Two and Four Person Electric Cars

Small vehicles are generally used for fast and easy transport in factories, golf course, building complexes.

Two persons model are mostly preferred to take tour for routine security check by security personnel. Besides, that It is also preferred to use for all types emergency and individual transport.

High Capacity Passenger Transport Vehicles

High capacity transport vehicles are six, eight, ten and twelve people golf carts are  used for purpose of transport and trip in holiday villages, golf courses, airports, factories, hospitals, touristic places. If they will be used on High slope roads, gas type golf carts are preferred. Electrical vehicles; can be used on flat areas and low slope roads.

Electric Cars with Case

Electric cars with case are preferred for transport of load and material of  big factories, building complexes, establishments. It can be produced every type case dimensions and load capacity. Electric models are used widely to collect garbage in building complexes by silent and economical design.

Brief History of Passenger Transport Cars.

Passenger transport cars was a homemade cart at first in 1932. It became popular with people disabilities. It was not till early 1950s when people started using them in golf course. Electric carts arrived at the first courses to use them in 1951. It was not until the early 1971s when the  gas golf carts made its debut and became a  huge hit with the public. Gas golf cart came upon scene in 1971 and immediately became a  huge hit. Currently, you will see both gas and electric carts. Today, golf carts are not just for the golf courses others use include but not limited to small communities.

The Villages in Florida used  50.000 electrical cart just to get around. Campgrounds, apartment complex, farm, storage unit personal, beach, large warehouses, hunting or just a personal golf cart.