Professional Auto Vacuum Cleaners

Cleanvac AS  compact series auto vacuum  cleaner are Professional and  specially  designed  and produced  for auto  washers  and  auto  detail. They are produced to  endure heavy usage for long hours.
Asynchronous motor  technology gives  you possibility of  24  hours non-stop working.

Professional Auto Vacuum Cleaners

Professional auto vacuum cleaners Cleanvac AS  Compact series are Professional and specially designed and produced for auto washers and auto detail. They are produced to endure dense usage for long hours.  Asynchronous motor technology gives you possibility of  24  hours unstopped working. Standard and wet/dry electric vacuum cleaner are not suitable to work long hours since they have carbon brush motors. Your motor burns due to overload and hinder your work. But this electric auto vacuum cleaner will work full performance and will get vacuum power as  you desired.
AS compact models are preferred mostly by textile, leather factories and auto washers.

The auto vacuum is produced three phases and also can be produced mono phase for some models when requested.

Cleanvac industrial type auto vacuum cleaner models varies due to motor powers. You can prefer Industrial vacuum cleaners at different powers due to your needs. You can also use high vacuum unit produced for your specialty at your factory. Cleanvac AS  compact series industrial electric vacuum cleaner can also be produced chip and liquid separator as  option. So you may solve recycling of boron oil in economical way.

What are the advantages of Cleanvac AS compact series?

  • It provides possibility of 24  hours unstopped work with asynchronous motor.
  • There are variety of hose diameters for purposes.
  • There are models suitable for central system.
  • It is possible to produce at requested specification.
  • It is the most advantageous solution for dusting.