Street Sweeping Vehicle

Street sweepers are municipal vehicles used for road sweeping purposes. They are Cleaning machines which are  used in vast areas. Cleanvac  ST  series road sweepers are  produced three models as Electric, Hybrid, and  Diesel. Ergonomic design , 360  degree maneuver capability and high performance having succeded as economical way, Cleanvac road sweepers is positioned 3 steps ahead of its segment.

Street Sweeping Vehicle

Street sweeping vehicle is municipal vehicle that use for road  sweeping  purposes. They are Cleaning machines  which are  used in vast  areas. Cleanvac  ST  series road  sweepers are  produced  three  models as electric, hybrid, and  diesel. Ergonomic design, 360  degree maneuver capability and  high performance having succeed  as  economical way, Cleanvac road sweepers is positioned 3  steps  ahead of its segment.

Electrical Street  Sweeper

Electrical street sweeper is the best choice for cleaning because electrical models  are nature  friendly, their utilization areas  mostly  are universities, hotels, village areas, factories and  hospitals. The biggest advantages electrical  usage cost is  lower comparing to  fuel  system. It is very environmental Since  there is  no  emission. It is  traffic friendly since  it is not obstructing the traffic during running on streets and roads, The  vacuum motor  also  runs  on electric  fully, which Street  sweepers  run on electric.

Hybrid Street Sweeping Vehicle

Hybrid Street sweeper Cleanvac ST models show nature-friendly working principle by using traction electrical motors. Vacuum motors work with fuel system by showing high performance  during sweeping. To minimize the harms of nature and to minimize spending budget of Diesel traction motors hybrid models are preferred mostly  worldwide. Utilization principle basis in brief is fuel motor and electrical motor usage at the same time.

Diesel Street  Sweeping Vehicle

Diesel street sweeping vehicle models are using for large area cleaning. Gas system are also preferred by municipals and government establishment. It cleans long hours  since  there is  no limit on user charging time. Gas system Street  sweepers can be  produced compact to a certain capacity.

The vehicles can be modified  for upper structured vacuum street sweeper above 6 cubic meters. You absolutely obtain information by consulting to our experts before order of vehicle.

The biggest advantage of choosing Cleanvac Street sweepers is low maintenance cost and abundant spare parts. Cleanvac vacuum Street  sweepers which use all  advantages of  local production will apply desired optional properties successfully to Street sweepers besides presenting boutique solutions.

We  produce in Turkey for the  World.