Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Clenvac wet dry electric vacuum cleaner models varies due to motor power and tank capacity.You may prefer at different power and sizes wet and dry electric vacuum cleaner depend on your needs.

Wet dry vacuum cleaner;   understood by its name is a  Professional vacuum cleaner and used for the purpose of collecting liquid waste and solid particles. Cleanvac electric vacuum cleaner models varies due to motor power and  tank capacity. You may prefer at different power and sizes wet and dry electric vacuum cleaner depends on your needs. You may use professional electric vacuum cleaner at your company and also can be used wet dry vacuum cleaners at your auto washing service company. Cleanvac WD  series industrial type electric vacuum cleaner, stainless steel body, high-powered motor, wet and dry vacuum capability and ergonomic design will provide you perfect cleanliness for many years.

Cleanvac WD 401, WD 501, WD 602, WD 753 model wet dry industrial vacuum cleaners will prevent the swept particles harm the motor by means of textile filter. Fine dust such as plaster powder vacuum cleaning Cleanvac WD 1203 industrial cleaner should be preferred.

WD 1203  vacuum cleaner has cone type cartridge filter. In this way it can vacuum fine dusts without problem.


Cleanvac WD 803

WD 803 professional electric vacuum cleaner new Cleanvac Carat series last wonder! Has 3 motors and  4200  watt powered, every vacuum motor of this cleaner at 1400  watt.

It has elegant and ergonomic design, together with high vacuum power

Cleanvac WD 753

WD 753 3 wet and dry motor continues to place in most preferred vacuum cleaner with modern design and stainless steel body. This cleaner has 3 motors and each one  1200  watt powered vacuum motor.

Clenvac WD  602

WD 602 has two vacuum motors each one  1200  watt powered.There is  fabric filter for dry vacuuming.It is very practical to use.

Clenvac WD 501

WD 501 has one vacuum motor 1200 watt powered easy to carry model.50 liters tank capacity and stainless steel body, it is preferred for daily use.

Clenavac WD 401

WD 401 industrial type vacuum cleaner is the smallest product of wet and dry range with 40 liters tank capacity.This portable electric cleaners has  1200  watt vacuum motor.

Cleanvac WD series’ advantages

  • It uses double fan by-pass motor with continuous powerful vacuum capacity
  • It provides deep cleaning with high capacity.
  • It is capable to be used on carpet, hardwood, marble, mosaic, ceramic and similar surfaces.
  • It has filter surface area to be able to use without maintenance for a long time.
  • It is capable to be used wet and dry surfaces.
  • It is ideal wet and dry vacuum cleaners for factory, school, auto detail, mosque and similar places.